A Step-by-Step University Dissertation Writing Tutorial

One of the most difficult assignments that university students get is writing a dissertation. To complete this academic task successfully, one should know exactly how to organize their work.

Instructions for Crafting a Dissertation

Selecting a Topic

This is a very important step. You should choose a topic that is both interesting for you and important for the field to investigate. Also, your topic should be narrow enough to conduct a thorough and meaningful study. If you have any problems at this step, consult your advisor or ask other people to help you come up with a decent topic.

Conducting Research

Based on your topic, you should look for the relevant literature to rely upon in your study. Having consulted your advisor, you’ll learn about the main sources that you should analyze. After gathering and reading theoretical information, you should perform actions that will allow you to achieve the goals implied by your topic. Make sure to select an appropriate methodology in order to get more accurate results.

Outlining Your Paper

Once your research is conducted, you should create a layout for your to-be paper in order not to improvise and waste a lot of time during the writing process. You should structure your entire paper in such a way:

In your outline, indicate what information you’re going to present in each of these sections. This way, you’ll write your text faster and in a clearer manner.

Writing Your Paper

Although you should follow your outline during the writing process, you aren’t obligated to compose all the chapters in the right order. On the contrary, it’s recommended to craft the body chapters first. Then, write the introduction and conclusion. Then, add the list of references and appendices. Lastly, you should create an abstract and title page. Writing your text, make sure that you use the same terminology in all chapters and present your information in a formal academic tone.

Finalizing Your Paper

Once you compose all parts of your text, you should put them together and do some proofreading. Make sure that there are no grammar and punctuation mistakes in your text and that it is written clearly and straightforwardly. Also, you should check whether all your citations are formatted properly. Lastly, it’s important to adjust your text to the desired word count if you have too many or too little pages.

Getting Help with Composing Your Dissertation

Students often face problems and difficulties during the work on their projects. If you’re struggling with your thesis and cannot complete it on your own, there are a couple of ways to solve this problem. The first one is to regularly consult your professor on each step of your work and let them look at your drafts to point out your mistakes.

The second option is to hire a tutor to assist you during your work. This method is costly but it significantly increases your chance of composing an outstanding academic paper. A tutor should also help you prepare for your defense.