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 Mobberly Hotel
European Plan
S.E. Mobberly, Proprietor
Longview, Texas, 1-30-1921

(The following note is written across the top of hotel stationary - JFH)
I am Railroad Manager & part owner of a short line Railroad line Will write you more about our affairs later - L.P.F.

My Dear Niece
This is to thank you for fine letter from you just received. I have often wondered where you all were. My recollection is that my last letter from Renick was received just after we had gone through the great Galveston Storm, then to letter inviting us to your weding.
I am gratified to learn that you are so blessed with girls, and so fortunate as to be comfortably located on a California farm.
Answering your inquiry as connections of names - My Brother & I were the Grandsons of a Miss Renick who married David Porter. They were married in Tennessee & moved to Mississippi something more than a hundred years ago. Our Father L.H. Featherstone & our mother Zuchaina Porter, were married A.D. 1850 - at Oxford Miss. I was born at Oxford Mississippi July 28, 1851. Renick's Father was born Oct 8, 1853. Our Parents moved into West Tennessee in 1859. We were raised in Shelby County Tennessee, near Memphis. My Brother & I moved to Arkansas in 1881. He died there in 1883. He was a splendid man in appearance, and lovable in character. He had the respect & confidence of every one who knew him. When last I met Ren he greatly resembled him in many ways. He will recollect when we strolled down Broadway on Fifth Ave. on Sunday afternoons dividing the best buildings between us. It was there in humerous , smiling make believe, that he strongly reminded me of my brother, his father. I often think of him, & will do my best to visit you all this year.
I will immediately write to my son, Pen's cousin, who is in Los Angeles -
L.L. Featherstone 2801 Westever(?) Ave., Los Angeles, giving him your address.
Today happens to be the Birthday of his daughter, my eldest grandchild. She is seventeen today. He has a son, who is about 13 and a younger daughter of about ten. I have a son Paul P. Featherstone who lives at Rusk Texas. He has four children, two girls & two boys. My third son John D. Featherstone, lives at 2719 Broadway, Galveston. He has two sons. I am writing my wife tonight, who is in San Antonio & will mail her your letter. She will be glad to hear from you all & will write you soon. I very much appreciate your writing me & hope to hear from you regularly.
It will afford me great pleasure to hunt you up & see you all as soon as possible, this summer perhaps.
Love to you all.
Affectionately your Uncle
L.P. Featherstone
Envelope addressed to: Mrs. P.M. Featherstone, Clements, Calif. & postmarked
Longview, Texas Dec. 23, 1921.
 (Note: Mrs. F.M. was Florence Merrill Featherstone, wife of Renick Sterling Featherstone. See FEATHERSTON FINDINGS volume 5, p. 23 - BRANCH #7.)
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Letter from L.P. Featherstone to Mrs. F.M. Featherstone on previous page was submitted by: Ellen Featherston Edwards

by Nell Marion Nugent - Volume II 1666-1695

p. 112
30 Sep 1672. Charles Fetherston granted 700 acres in Henrico Co. adjacent orphans of Mr. Wm. Walthall for transporting 14 persons including Charles Fetherston.

p. 118
26 Sep 1664. Nathaniel Bradford granted 2800 acres in N'ampton Co. for transporting 28 persons including William Fetherston.

p. 148
9 Oct 1672. John Wallop granted 350 acres in Accamack Co. for transporting 7 persons including William Featherston.

p. 289
20 Apr 1685. John Steward, Senr. granted 670 acres in Henrico Co., Bristoll Parish adjacent William Puckett, Willm. Walters and Charles Fetherston.

p. 305
20 Apr 1687. Samuel 1 Newman granted 559 acres Henrico Co., Bristoll Parish for transporting 12 persons including Charles Fetherston.

p. 365
28 Apr 1691. Mr. Henry Randolph granted 5650 acres in Henrico Co. "From head of the Little Cr. being the 1st branch of the Back Cr., through Steward's Field; on Fetherston's line"...etc.

p. 374
29 Apr 1692. Maj. Arthur Allen granted 100 acres in Surry Co. for importation of 20 persons  including Fran. Fetherston.

by Nell Marion Nugent - Volume III 1695-1732

p. 29
6 Jun 1699. William Fetherston and John Edwards granted 545 acres in Charles City Co., Westover Parish for transporting 11 persons.

p. 72
24 Apr 1703. Mr. Drury Stith and Samuel Fale granted 680 acres in Charles City Co. adjacent Wm. Featherston.

p. 100
2 Nov 1705. Daniel Mackgirt and James Gibbins granted 3700 acres for importing of 74 persons including Law. Fetherston.

p. 123
19 Dec 1711. John Roach, Junr. granted 85 acres in Charles City Co. for importation of 2 persons: William Featherstone and John Coburn.

p. 146
16 Jun 1714. Richard Flewellin granted 278 acres in Charles City Co. adjacent Wm. Featherstone and others.

p. 192
15 Jul 1717. William Featherstone granted 50 acres in Charles City Co. on SE side of Herring Cr.; beg. at Mr. Wm. Cole, on the Beaver Pond; for importation of Philip Whedon.

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The BRANCHES section of FEATHERSTON FINDINGS presents an opportunity for all of those interested in our heritage to record our direct descent. These BRANCHES are not confined to the spelling of Featherston, but may also include Featherstone, Featherstun, etc.  If you have not yet sent in your BRANCH, please do so as soon as possible.  I encourage you to take advantage of this FREE SERVICE.


These BRANCHES will be published in the order in which they are received or at my discretion. Every effort will be made to transcribe material exactly as it is submitted. However, if errors occur in this transcription process, please let me know, so I can make corrections in a future volume.  If, while typing your lineage for publication, there is a doubt as to the spelling of your surname, the spelling of Featherston will be used.


These BRANCHES may be added to or corrected in future volumes.  Therefore, it is not necessary to wait until you have completed your research before submitting your lineage for publication. Although we all may have best intentions of permanently recording our findings, too often the family historian passes away or becomes too ill to continue research work and those years of research are lost forever.


By publishing your BRANCH and research material in FEATHERSTON FINDINGS you not only protect your family information, but help future researchers find their elusive family heritage.


You may submit your lineage in the form found in this section or you may submit the information on Family Group Sheets.  It is not so important how you submit your lineage, but that you do submit it.  Please cite your sources whenever possible.


If you find you are fortunate enough to connect with an established branch already in print, please let me know.  The branches will be merged in a future volume, the earlier branch number will be maintained, and later number be eliminated.  Perhaps we may eventually find a common ancestor and become one large family!

                                    Joyce Featherston Hawkins
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- Refer to previous volumes for more complete information on Generations I and II

I Charles Featherston - b. ca. 1635 England, d. bef. 25 Sep 1682; m. to Rebecca Stratton - d/o Edward Stratton, Sr./Elizabeth Thurston.

1. Anne Featherston - b. ca. 1673 Henrico Co., VA, d. 1745 Amelia Co., VA (Will); m. ca. 1691 to Abraham Burton - b. ca. 1669 Henrico Co., VA, d. Amelia Co., VA (Will 1736), s/o Thomas Burton/Susanna Hatcher
*2. Henry Charles Featherston - b. ca. 1681 Henrico Co., VA
3. Sarah Featherston -
4. Susanna Featherston -

II Henry Charles Featherston - b. ca. 1681 Henrico Co., VA, d. by 28 Sep 1747; m. ca. 1714 to Elizabeth Walthall, d/o Richard Walthall, Sr./__.

1. Charles Featherston -
2. Henry Featherston -
3. Mary Featherston -
*4. Rebecca Featherston - b. ca. 1722 Henrico Co., VA
5. daughter Featherston -
6. daughter Featherston -

III Rebecca Featherston - b. ca. 1722 Henrico Co., VA, d. ca. 1796-99 Brunswick Co., VA; m. ca. 1737 to Thomas Sadler, Sr. - b. 1715-19 VA, d. 1794-98 Brunswick Co., VA. Sources: 1759 Chesterfield Co., VA will of  Elizabeth Featherstone; 1760 Chesterfield Co., VA will of Henry Featherstone, Jr.; The James Y. Bennett Family Starke County, Indiana - A Record of the Ancestors, the Family and the Descendants of James Yeargin Bennett 1822-1873 & Hannah Humbert Bennett 1823-1887 by Leroy C. Bennett - 1988; research of Jerry Ponder, June Millwood, Mrs. I.D. Oakley, & Madeline Raymond.

1. Thomas Sadler, Jr. - b. ca. 1738 Brunswick Co., VA, d. 5 Nov 1794 Brunswick Co., VA; m. ca. 1765 to Martha Rose
2. Elizabeth Sadler - b. ca. 1740 Brunswick Co., VA, d. ca. 1816 Smith (later DeKalb) Co., TN; m. ca. 1770 Brunswick Co.. VA to John Bennett - b. ca. 1748 Brunswick Co., VA, d. bet. Jun-Oct 1798 Brunswick Co., VA, s/o Benjamin Bennett/Sarah __
*3. Henry Sadler - b. ca. 1742 Brunswick Co., VA 4. Susanna Sadler - b. ca. 1745 Brunswick Co., VA, d. 25 Dec 1784 Brunswick Co., VA; m. ca. 1760 Brunswick Co., VA to Timothy Ward - b. 1735-40 d. 1801 Center, Randolph Co., NC
5. Charles Sadler - b. ca. 1748 Brunswick Co.. VA, d. 1820-26 Brunswick Co., VA; m. ca. 1776 to Rhoda Bailey - d/o Benjamin Bailey/__
6. Fanny Sadler - b. ca. 1752 Brunswick Co., VA; m. ca. 1771 Brunswick Co., VA to John or Alexander Dugger
7. Featherstone Sadler - b. ca. 1755 Brunswick Co., VA, d. 1854; m.l) 1772-75 Brunswick Co., VA to __; ro.2) 8 Oct 1823 to Catherine Lewis - d/o Ruel Lewis/SiIvy Abernathy




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 BRANCH *3 - cont.

IV Henry Sadler - b, ca. 1742 Brunswick Co., VA, d. 1822 or Oct 1824 Lincoln Co., NC; m. ca. 1770 to Mary Scarborough- d/o Edward or John Scarborough/___

1. Jeremiah Sadler - m. Polly Tims
2. James Sadler - m. Polly Parker
3. John Sadler -
*4. Zachariah Sadler - b. 1780-84 poss. Brunswick Co., VA
5. Eliza(beth) Sadler - m. Jackson Wingate
6. Fanny Sadler - m. Nelson Shelton
7. Mary Sadler -
8. Sarah Sadler -
9. Anna Sadler - b. 29 Sep 1793 Lincoln Co., NC, d. 21 Sep 1876 Grant Co., IN (Quaker; moved to Grant Co., IN in 1832)
10. Dicey Sadler - m. Jesse Mayberry
11. Rebeck Sadler - m. David Coll ins
12. Susanna Sadler - m. James Hansell

V Zachariah Sadler - b. 1780-84 poss. Brunswick Co., VA, d. ca. Sep 1836, Perry Co., MO; m. 1 Sep 1806, Lincoln Co., NC to Elizabeth "Betsy" Mayberry or Maybry - b. 1791-94 NC, d. bef. Sep 1836. Sources: George Hager Family compiled and published 1984 by Eula Richardson Hasskarl; DAR Application of Ophelia Richardson Wade.

*1. Cynthia F. Sadler - b. ca. 1818 Lincoln Co.. NC
2. Jesse Sadler - b. ca. 1820 Lincoln Co., NC, d. 18 Nov 1867 Perry Co., MO; m. 18 Dec 1841 Perry Co., MO to Elizabeth Hager - b. ca. 1823 Lincoln Co., NC, d. 22 Aug 1876 Perry Co., MO, d/o Frederick Hager/Margaret Hinkle. Elizabeth m.2) 11 Mar 1869 Perry Co., MO to Andrew Cotner - b. ca. 1827 MO, d. 17 Feb 1880 Perry Co., MO
3. Mary Elizabeth Sadler - b. ca. 1824, MO, d. 22 Dec 1893 Perry Co.. MO; m. 31 Oct 1839 Perry Co., MO to John F. Hager - b. ca. 1819 Lincoln Co., NC, d. Jul 1874 Perry Co., MO, s/o  Frederick Hager/ Margaret Hinkle
Note by editor - JFH: Did Zachariah and Elizabeth have other children?

VI Cynthia F. Sadler - b. ca. 1818 Lincoln Co., NC, d. 1850-57 Ripley Co., MO; m. 24 Aug 1837 Perry Co., MO to John Jackson Hager, Jr. - b. ca. 1816 Lincoln Co., NC, d. aft. 1880 Ripley Co., MO,  s/o John Jackson Hager, Sr./Lucy Bynum. Source: George Hager Family compiled and published 1984 by Eula Richardson Hasskarl; DAR Application of Ophelia Richardson Wade; Ripley  Co., MO Marriage Records.

1. John Franklin Hager - b. 18 Nov 1839, Perry Co., MO, d. 21 Dec 1883 Ripley Co., MO; m. 19 Apr 1859 Ripley Co., MO to Elizabeth Ann Stringer - b. 31 Oct 1840 Wayne Co., MO, d. Nov/Dec 1916 Jackson Co., AR
2. James Hager - b. 29 Jan 1844 Perry Co., MO, d. 18 Sep 1847 Perry Co., MO



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BRANCH #3 - Children of Cynthia F. Sadler (cont.)

3. Elizabeth Hager - b. 19 Mar 1847 Perry Co., MO, d. aft. 1910 prob. Ripley Co., MO; m, 28 Jul 1870 Ripley Co., MO to David W. Jones
4. Margaret L. Hager - b. 8 Sep 1850 Perry Co., MO, d. 1894-1900 Randolph Co., AR; m. 26 Mar 1868 Ripley Co., MO to Joseph C. Inman
5. Lucy W. Hager - b. ca. 1851, Perry Co., MO; m. 23 Jul 1874 Ripley Co., MO to Jonathan C.  Agee
6. Mary Hager - b. ca. 1854, MO; m. or d. 1870-80
*7. Cynthia Ann Hager - b. 6 Apr 1854 MO
8. William M. Hager - b. ca. 1857, MO, d. aft. 1880; m. 21 Feb 1878 Ripley Co., MO to Mollie A. Lawson

VII Cynthia Ann Hager - b. 6 Apr 1854 MO, d. 15 Sep 1903 Varner (now Oxly), Ripley Co., MO, bur. New Union Cem., Ripley Co., MO; m. ca. 1872 to Thomas Marion Roundtree - b. 26 Feb 1850 Paducah, McCracken Co., KY, d. 15 May 1924 Naylor, Ripley Co., MO, bur. New Union Cem., Ripley Co., MO, s/o Marion Roundtree/__. Thomas Marion Roundtree m.2) 2 Sep 1909 Ripley Co., MO to Elizabeth Ann Stringer - b. 31 Oct 1840 Wayne Co., MO, d. Nov/Dec 1916 Newport, Jackson Co., AR, bur. Walnut Grove Cem. Elizabeth Ann, dau. of Dickerson A. Stringer/Elizabeth McGrew m.l)19 Apr 1859 Ripley Co., MO to John Franklin Hagar and m.2) __ Hitt. Sources: Ripley Co., MO Records Cemeteries, Part II by Thelma McMannus; 1860 through 1910 Ripley Co., MO Census records; Family records; George Hager Family compiled and published by Eula Richardson Hasskarl of Ada, OK in 1984.

Issue by 1st wife only:
1. George W. Roundtree - b. 1874, d. 1970s, MI; m. 5 Nov 1899 Ripley Co., MO to Rose M. Briscoe or Rose M. Asher
2. Robert Levi Roundtree - b. 2 Feb 1878 Ripley Co., MO, d. 25 Jul 1963 Roseville, CA, bur. Antioch Cem., Ripley Co., MO; m. 4 Nov 1905 Ripley Co., MO to Laura E. Cox
3. Lula Roundtree - b. Dec 1880 Ripley Co., MO; m. 20 Dec 1896 Ripley Co., MO to Charles J. Home
4. Ada (or Addie) Roundtree - b. Apr 1884, Ripley Co., MO; m. 30 Oct 1902 Ripley Co., MO to Thomas J. Hunt
*5. Thomas Luther Roundtree - b. 6 Oct 1887, Oxiy or Naylor, Ripley Co., MO
6. Odie Roundtree - b. Mar 1893, d. 1970s, MI; m. in MI to Elmer Brown

VIII Thomas Luther Roundtree - b. 6 Oct 1887 Ripley Co., MO, d. 30 Jul 1975 lonia, lonia Co., MI, bur. 2 Aug 1975 Oakwood Cem., Muir, lonia Co., MI; m.l) 11 Nov 1907 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO to Jimmie Mayes - d. bef. 17 Mar 1914; Luther Roundtree m.2) 17 Mar 1914 Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO to Ogie Maggie Elliott - b. 1 Mar 1891 Oxiy, Ripley Co., MO, d. 12 Apr 1956 Muir, lonia Co., MI, bur. Oakwood Cem., Muir, lonia Co., MI, d/o Joseph Sidney Elliott/ Elizabeth "Betty" J. Williams. Ogie Elliott m.l) 27 Feb 1910 Ripley Co., MO to Ray Camp (div.); Luther Roundtree m.3) Mar 1957 to Mrs. Elva Kemp. Sources: 1880 Ripley Co., MO Census; Family records; Death records; Marriage records; Ripley Co., HO Records - Cememteries Part III by Thelma McMannus; Thomas Luther Roundtree's obit.; Cora Hawkins. cont...